slip-and-fall-smA slip and fall case is based on a person slipping, falling or tripping.  Is someone liable for the injuries you suffered? An attorney can help you determine if a business owner or employee may have caused the dangerous or slippery surface, torn spot, spill or any other item underfoot. The owner or employee may have known about it already but did nothing or not enough to prevent an accident. This is where you need a slip and fall lawyer who can establish your case.

A “reasonable” person will take care of the property to avoid any accident. What’s “reasonable” depends on how the owner should keep the property safe and secure. Judges and juries will often decide the case according to the owner’s degree of reasonableness. And it’s not always easy. A slip and fall lawyer, can help establish the case in your favor so you can get fully compensated for the injuries you suffer.

A slip and fall case can be one of the most difficult to win for the injured party. Business owners know that it will cost them significant money. Whether your carelessness has contributed to the accident or not, you may have a good claim by proving that you act reasonably and yet suffered an injury.

Get the legal expertise and representation you need by having a free consultation with Brooks today. He can help you work your case where you can meet your immediate financial needs while keeping in mind your long-term interests.

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