Work Place InjuryWhen a work place injury is sustained on the job is the time to seek proper legal representation to insure that the compensation due to the injured employee is received.  Job related injuries are often handled through the employer’s workers compensation insurance. This is the general rule with most injuries sustained at the work place but there are several exceptions that you should know about in this situation which is why you should call Brooks P. Lynn Attorney at Law and get a free consultation to understand all your rights and compensation you may be due for damages.


– PRODUCT LIABILITY – If the work place injury was as a result of a defective product or toxic substance belonging to the company you work for, you might be due compensation from your employer or the manufacturer of the product.

– PHYSICAL INJURY – If the work place injury was caused by disregard to proper safety measures on the employer’s part or deliberate actions you, you may be due compensation.

– SLIP AND FALL – The injury may be from negligence or intent but when an employee is injured on the job the compensation from worker’s compensation injury may not be adequate.

 HURT ON THE JOB WITHOUT WORKER’S COMPENSATION INSURANCE – if you get hurt while on the job and your company does not have a worker’s compensation insurance you need to once again seek legal advice.  You may be required to take legal action against them at a civil court.


The injured person should not decide to settle for the workers’ injury insurance it is offering without consulting an attorney to make sure the coverage will take care of long term pain and suffering and future medical cost. If temporary or permanent disability is brought about as a result of the injury, standard worker’s compensation injury insurance may not provide all the coverage you need and deserve.  The compensation plan does not punish the employer for neglect or recklessness; therefore it does nothing for the need of long term medical services.  If the worker understands that they have right then they will know that they ought to get a free consultation from Brooks P. Lynn every time..

Brooks P. Lynn can also inform you how to get additional compensation from government benefits such as the social security disability insurance. This can be given if the injury sustained prevents you from carrying out your usual duties and prevents you from working.

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