Personal Injury

Job related injuries are often handled through the employer’s workers compensation insurance.
This is the general rule with most injuries sustained at the work place
but there are several exceptions you should know about in this situation which is why you should call Brooks P. Lynn Attorney at Law.
Get a free consultation to understand all your rights and compensation you may be due for damages...


Truck Accident

When you make an injury claim, you find yourself fighting against insurance companies,
trucking companies, and their army of lawyers and claim adjusters.
These companies do not turn profits every year by approving injury claims,
tand will put all efforts into finding something that can nullify your claim.
tWith the odds stacked against you, you need help from someone with a thorough understanding of...

Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist who has had an accident and is not at fault needs someone who truly understands his or her in respect motorcycle riders.
Brooks P. Lynn in Colleyville, Texas, is such a lawyer. He represents injured riders expertly and professionally so that they get
the justice they deserve. Brooks does the work so that motorcycle accident victims can focus on healing, and getting back on their...

Auto Accident

It’s a sobering thought being faced with a serious Auto Accident. To make matters worse there are a million
different questions that have to be addressed immediately afterwards. Here at Brooks Lynn Law, we deal with these kinds of serious issues daily.
If you have sustained a personal injury from an auto accident getting the right legal representation is of monumental value when dealing with ...

Slip and Fall

We’ve all seen the dubious characters in movies, purposely slipping in supermarkets only to fake an injury, hoping to get a huge settlement.
Unfortunately these kinds of portrayals have only helped to stigmatize the poor folks who legitimately have been hurt in one of these accidents.
A “reasonable” person will take care of the property to avoid any accident. ...

We handle you with care!

When you are in need of a lawyer it might be that things are not perfect in your life. That’s when you need to come see or call Brooks P. Lynn and his staff. We promise to handle you and your situation with humbleness and care. Whether it is personal injury from an auto accident, a work place injury or business or construction law or wills, trusts and probate law, we are going to take your situation seriously and with care for you personally. With such a variety of services being offered, Brooks P. Lynn is your best bet in complex adverse circumstances or simple legal documents.

Please feel free to call us at (817) 656-7050 | 800-656-2071, or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

Personal Injury

Looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer for auto accidents, work place injury or slip and fall, then contact us for a free consultation.


Wills, Trusts & Probate Law

We are experienced in Wills, Trusts and Probate Law. We are conveniently located in the H.E.B, mid-cities area making us easily accessible from Fort Worth and Arlington as well.


Work Place Injury

When a work place injury is sustained on the job is the time to seek proper legal representation to insure that the compensation due to the injured employee is received.


Family Law

The area of Family Law encapsulates a number of areas including divorce, custody, child support and adoption. These types of issues are best handled by experienced attorneys like ours who have worked on these cases for many years.


The Team

  • Brooks P. Lynn Proprietor

    Brooks Lynn is a versatile and flexible lawyer whose professional strengths cover the spectrum from car accident litigation to construction law or probate law. A skilled negotiator with a keen sense of timing, he can often achieve outstanding results for his clients without the stress and expense of court.

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  • Dawn Lynn Paralegal/Office manager

    Dawn is a paralegal/office manager for brooks, and also happens to be Brooks lovely wife

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