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Truck Accidents Attorney in Colleyville, TX

Have you or a loved one been injured in a truck accident? Are you looking for your rightful compensation? If that is the case, Brooks P. Lynn will fight for your legal rights. With years of experience in auto and truck accident law, Brooks P. Lynn has handled hundreds of truck accident cases in the past. Whether you are the driver of the truck or were hit by a truck, we can help you.

What You Are up Against

When you make an injury claim, you find yourself fighting against insurance companies, trucking companies, and their army of lawyers and claim adjusters. These companies do not turn profits every year by approving injury claims and will put all efforts into finding something that can nullify your claim. With the odds stacked against you, you need help from someone with a thorough understanding of the law and with prior experience in cases similar to yours. Operating out of Tarrant County, Brooks has won several truck accident cases with a high level of complexity and has helped countless people get compensation for damages and loss.

Seek Out Experienced Counsel

What You Deserve

When in a truck accident, the injured party needs to be compensated for injuries, healthcare bills, and rehabilitation costs. Due to the accident, you may find yourself traumatized and unable to work due to physical or psychological damages. You will most definitely miss work for the time of your rehabilitation and will need to be compensated for the lost wages.

How We Can Help

Brooks can help by building a bulletproof case for you so that no one can deny your claim. In a truck accident, you need to prove that the accident was not your fault, and that can only be proven with the help of independent investigators, traffic experts, highway design experts, and accident reconstruction experts.

We also know the complexities of a truck vs. truck accident, and a truck vs. car accident, with the help of these experts, we help you win the fight against insurance agencies and trucking companies and help to get your claim approved.

If you need more information or are interested in our legal services, contact us today, or simply fill our online form.