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Family Law Attorney in Colleyville, TX

The area of Family Law encapsulates a number of areas including divorce, custody, child support, and adoption. These types of issues are best handled by experienced attorneys like ours who have worked on these cases for many years. The concepts of custody and adoption are closely related as the court’s goal is to ensure the care and well-being of the children involved.

Child Custody

The issue of child custody is often the most difficult part of the divorce process, but we’re here to help. We work with scheduling coordinators, licensed counselors, and child therapists to outline and pursue the best possible outcome for you and your children. These professionals will help to sort out the new reality that will exist after the divorce is complete.

Focus on Your Family

Child Support

Determining appropriate levels of child support can be a complex task. There is a well-established case law on this subject, and we understand how to achieve the best possible outcome. Regardless of whether we work with the party on the paying or receiving end of support, we seek to find the answer that best meets your unique situation.


There are a variety of situations where families seek to adopt a child. No matter which situation you’re in, it can be an exciting and complicated time. Some families seek a private adoption, some families use surrogacy to grow their families, other cases involve a step-parent adopting a child, and grandparents often formally adopt their grandchildren as well.

Private Adoption

With our knowledge in custody matters, we’re able to counsel you while working with an adoption agency whether you adopt within Texas, another state, or even internationally. We assist you in establishing your parental rights and ensure your interests are represented.

Disclaimer: The law does not allow us to help you find a child to adopt.


When involving a third-party with assisted reproduction, it can be a complicated process. We can ensure that there is no question regarding parental rights. This is an extremely complex area of law, and our experience will give you confidence in knowing you’ve started off right.

Step-Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption can be especially complicated when the other parent is absent or unwilling to terminate their parental rights. We can help fight for your rights and ensure your family becomes a complete unit in the way you envision it.


An uncommon, but important area of custody is when a grandparent seeks to step in and become the primary caregiver to their grandchild. We work with these families to ensure that the grandchildren are getting the proper care.